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Welcome to TMF Health Quality Institute's website supporting Vaccines for Children (VFC) Programs that TMF is involved in.  This site will be used exclusively by TMF HQI staff, authorized reviewers and Immunization Program administrators to exchange files and view reports for these VFC projects.

Authorized users are registered by the VFC Portal Administrator and account information is sent to the users via email.  Users are encouraged to change their password from the system generated password to something they can remember.  When you do change your password, it must be 8 characters long and have at least one non-alphanumeric character, such as a symbol.  After you login, to change your password:

  1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  2. Click on the Manage Password link in the Manage Profile section.
  3. Use your old password and create a new password.
  4. You will receive a confirmation and an email reminding you of the new password when you successfully change it.

If you forget your account information, you may use the Forgot Password feature from the Login page and enter your user name, which is standardized as Firstname.Lastname.  Your account information will be emailed to you.  Normally, that email is sent within a few minutes.  If you have trouble obtaining the emailed password reminder, you can send an email to the VFC Portal Administrator.

Tip: When using the complex system generated password, try copying and pasting the password from your email.  But beware, some email programs will automatically select a trailing character when you try to select the password text before copying it to your clipboard.  That is, be aware of what text you select before copying the text.

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